New Voices Publishing Services offers a personal service to any budding writer who has a book that needs publishing. Barbara will take away all the apprehension and anxiety out of the publishing process and give the author the opportunity of getting his/her work published through alternative methods using Print-On-Demand (P.O.D.) technology. Basically P.O.D. means printing small quantities of books as and when required, therefore, vast print volumes – as in conventional printing – are done away with. This technology, the trend worldwide, permits an author to bypass traditional publishing routes and take control of the book production and marketing process for him/herself. New Voices Publishing Services offers the South African author new alternatives – giving unpublished authors the platform to have a voice.

South Africa has a voice – let her be heard!

Opportunities for authors to get their work published have dramatically increased. Don’t put your manuscript on the shelf because one publisher rejected it! Published works are no longer the realm of a chosen and lucky few. Your work can be published!

New Voices Publishing Services offers:

  • a publishing service that takes weeks and not months to a printed book,
  • to layout, typeset, design & have a printed book in under 6 weeks,
  • the benefit of digital ready-to-publish files for books & covers – being able to print when the demand is there and not warehousing masses of books waiting to sell,
  • to digitally archive the files so books are never out-of-print and supply the Author with print-ready and open files,
  • a reasonable fee for set-up expenses for the author’s title (see Author Assistance)

New Voices Publishing Services allows first-time authors to submit a traditional manuscript in Microsoft Word, RTF or plain TXT format. This format will be taken and redesigned with publishing software into a pagenated, printable format that any printer in South Africa can work with and finally transform it into a custom-made book based on the author’s choice of design combinations.

New Voices Publishing Services puts a new face on publishing! Barbara supports the new voice that finds it hard to be heard! With her straightforward approach, she can take your work and create a book that you will be proud of. Barbara promotes Print-On-Demand technology which is already the fastest growing section of the printing industry and has revolutionised the publishing business, making it available and affordable to a large number of aspiring authors.

New Voices Publishing Services will register your title with an ISBN number and the author RETAINS the copyright.

New Voices Publishing Services offers affordable packages for the South African market and the author can tailor-make a package that suits his/her budget and lifestyle.

New Voices Publishing Services was inspired by the success of print-on-demand technology experienced in Europe. Barbara Mueller was part of the production office of the European Geosciences Union, publishing scientific journals with this technology. The speed and quality of these publications were well accepted in the scientific community. With this  technology, we will be able to offer up-and-coming authors a platform – maybe the new voices in South Africa can also be heard worldwide! Let’s give them this opportunity!

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