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This information will help you, the Author, in the publishing process. If there are still unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us.

Author Responsibilities

When publishing, the author is responsible for providing the completed, edited text of the book. Additionally, the author is responsible for obtaining permissions to reprint any previously copyrighted work (e.g. images or photographs). The author is also responsible for paying the publishing services fee required on the payment schedule agreed upon. No editing or proofreading is done. The author needs to contact an editor for this service BEFORE the publishing process has begun. If you need these services, you can contact any of the Freelance Service Providers on our website.

The author is responsible for proofing the typeset & designed book pages. If the proofreading corrections take more than 1 hour, then New Voices Publishing Services will charge R190.00 per hour thereafter. Therefore, it is VERY important that the author takes the time to review the work prior to the final submission to make sure that the text is EXACTLY as the author would like to see it in the finished book.

Since book publishing involves the coordination of many details, it is essential that the author is fully aware of what is contained in the Publishing Agreement.

The author is solely responsible for the printing, marketing and selling of his/her book. New Voices Publishing Servies does not offer this service at all. The author must realize that publishing a book is very speculative! There are no guarantees! Of course, every author is excited about his/her work and feels that the information that they have sweated over and poured onto the page will benefit someone in one way or another. In most cases, the author is correct! Most books contain some bit of wisdom, information or entertainment value, thus all authors should pursue publication! With all the publishing options available to an author in today’s marketplace an author no longer needs to place a manuscript on the shelf to gather dust! There is no right or wrong method of publishing, so for this reason, the author should choose the method of publishing that achieves the goals that fits his or her budget and lifestyle.

Author Steps -

  • How to Deliver a Manuscript
  • Publishing Packages
  • Cover Design
  • Book Templates and Printing
  • Author Responsibilities

How to deliver a manuscript

Authors must deliver the completed, fully edited work as an electronic document (a WORD document or TXT file). It should be clear and concise, written in English (or language of choice) with correct spelling and good sentence structure. We would need all formatting completed to know where sections start, and where images/tables/graphics are to be placed in the text.
More than likely, the author will use Microsoft WORD or another word processing programme. Please remove all graphics from the text file (send them as a separate .JPG or .TIF or .EPS file(s) and please do not use low resolution “web” images) and save the TEXT file as a .RTF or .DOC or .TXT .
The manuscript pages should be placed in the following sequence:
1) Abstract (book summary), Introduction
2) Body text,
3) Appendices,
4) Acknowledgements,
5) References,
6) Tables (if applicable ) or graphs/illustrations – numbered in sequence
7) Figure captions – numbered insequence
8) Figures* – as separate files on CD-ROM (over 1MB) or in zip file via e-mail (Under 1MB)

Images – we need a resolution of 300 dpi of the final print size (e.g., postcard size is 10cm x 15cm is a good size), as the photo will appear in the book, in a .TIF or .JPG format. Do not scan at a low resolution (web scanner setting), which will give a poor quality print image.
Line Art – we need line art (graphs, drawings, charts, etc.) as a .PS or .EPS format. If you need to scan a B&W line art, then us a 600 dpi bitmap setting.

All images – Ensure each image file is numbered correctly and in the order where it must be placed in the manuscript.
Example:- To make it less confusing, name all image files (photos, illustrations, chart, etc.) in the order they appear, such as image1.jpg; image2.jpg; image3.tif, etc. If there are Chapters in your book then name images Ch1Pic1.jpg, Ch2Pic1.jpg etc., or similar. Name all tables as table1.eps; table2.eps; table3.tif, etc. If each graphic is named individually (unique name such as myhousepicture.jpg), then supply a figure caption list explaining which image/graphic has which file name and where it must be placed in the manuscript.

The Author may supply a sketch of the cover plus artwork to be used, i.e. illustration or photograph. We will do our very best to match your idea.

Submission: We will send you a confirmation e-mail of acceptance and a manuscript number. Only once we have received all the information and payments required, will we begin the publishing process, which could take anything from 1 week to 6 weeks.

Publishing Packages: All publishing packages will include:

Legal and administrative services
— Assign ISBN number
— Include author’s copyright notice in book

Full layout services

— Typsetting and page layout as per choice of template & trim size selected
— Professional processing and preparation of artwork
— E-mail a proof copy for author review as a pdf file and perform 1 hour of changes/corrections before final sign off and print.
— Store and Archive digital files for book & cover for re-printing – CD of book files for Author at R200.00


Publishing Package  (Price as of 1 April 2017)


Cover Design

All books will have a paperback cover unless otherwise pre-arranged. A professionally designed cover is created according to the authors’ specifications – Full colour and laminated (gloss or matt) by a designer dedicated to re-create the authors ideas. All we would need is idea of font style – artwork idea – colour ideas, and we will do the rest. The cost will be between R700 to R1300, depending on the intricacy of the design and how much design information the author sends, and whether illustrations or images are needed. The only type of binding available for the basic template-style book is PUR binding (glued). Any special book style request will be considered according to the authors requirements, e.g. hardcover, wiro-binding, etc., and will be quoted individually.

 Printing with PRINT ON DEMAND –

Print-On-Demand specialises in digital book printing and works with New Voices Publishing Services and aspiring self-publishers and academic writers, printing quality books that they are proud to attach their names to.
The technology used allows them to swiftly and cost-effectively produce short run printed books as and when required (also called Print-on-Demand), which has some important advantages for our clients.


** Prices can fluctuate according to the increase in printing prices and postage/shipping costs. PLEASE ask for an individual quote when ordering books.

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