Publishing Packages

All publishing packages will include:

Administrative services
— Assign ISBN number
— Include author’s copyright notice in book
— Guidance on the Legal Deposit with the National Library of South Africa
— Book page on the New Voices website (additional)

Full layout services
— Typesetting, book design and page layout as per trim size selected
— Professional processing and preparation of artwork
— E-mailing proof copy for author review as a pdf file and perform 1 hour of changes/corrections
— Create final print-ready book files for selected printer – create digital delivery via WETRANSFER of all book files for author
— Store and Archive digital files for book & cover for re-printing/re-editing (if required)

If you need more information, please go to Publishing Steps

New Voices Publishing Services

Typesetting & Book styling (as of March 2021):

We take your WORD documemt (which is in manuscript form) and process the type, take your story and create a beautiful book and prepare it for commercial printing (create a pdf file). This is a once off charge based on number of pages.

Publishing Package 1 Up to 150 pages R1900.00
Publishing Package 2 Up to 200 pages R2300.00
Publishing Package 3 Up to 300 pages R2700.00
Publishing Package 4 Up to 350 pages R3000.00
Publishing Package 5 Up to 450 pages R4500.00
Publishing Package 6 Up to 550 pages R5800.00
Publishing Package 7 Up to 600 pages R7000.00
Publishing Package 8 Up to 150 pages R2500.00
Publishing Package 9 Up to 200 pages R3000.00
Publishing Package 10 Up to 300 pages R4700.00
Publishing Package 11 Up to 350 pages R5900.00
Publishing Package 12 Up to 450 pages R6700.00
Publishing Package 13 Up to 550 pages R9000.00
Publishing Package 14 Up to 600 pages R12 000.00
Cover Design – Basic R700.00
Cover Design with illustrator image R1700.00 +
Cover Layout only (Author has own cover design) R200.00
Stock photo R300.00 + each
Editing R0.45c per word
Proofreading R0.20c per word
Typesetting per hour R200.00 ph
Design, Layout per hour R280.00 ph
Create Index R700.00
Cover Design – Basic R700.00
Stock photo R300.00 + each
Logo Design R1000.00
Book files (all print files, open files, barcode)^ R200.00
Ebook service – addon* R700.00 +

^BOOK FILES: This service is only applicable to authors who have had a publishing package service completed.

* EBOOK SERVICE: This service we offer is an add on service if you have taken one of the Publishing Packages. This service will offer you a professional epub file uploaded to your own Amazon Booksite. This is an International online booksite so you have the benefit of having your book available everywhere! Here you will manage your own sales and have the ability to do your own online marketing. All we do is create the product – you do the selling!!