Revelation Unlocked

RevelationUnlockedTitle: Revelation Unlocked

Author: Mwenge Mufuzi

Size: 210mm x 148mm, 205 pages

ISBN: 978-0-620-76616-6 (print)

Revelation Unlocked lives up to its title in every respect.

It is without a doubt the simplest, but most powerful book that has been written about the last book in the Bible – Revelation!!

Pastor Mwenge Mufuzi is a learned, gifted and obedient son of the Lord who, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, wrote this insightful book. He not only reveals the complicated content of the book of Revelation in a reader-friendly and easily digestible way, but also speaks to the reader personally. He calls on each one of us to hear the words of warning and to heed them.

Revelation Unlocked links the Old Testament and the New Testament, showing how the entire past, present and future are linked. Context clearly emerges as the reader absorbs the book, when the extravagant pictures often sketched about Revelation start to make perfect sense.

When one reads Revelation Unlocked one is filled with an overwhelming conviction of the truth of the Word of God and its relevance for everyone today. In fact, one might call Revelation Unlocked essential reading!

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