Publishing Steps

Step 1)  Receive a Manuscript number & a Quotation
Step 2)  Select a publishing package
Step 3)  Submission of your Manuscript
Step 4)  Review proofs
Step 5)  Congrats!! Your book is published!!

Step 1: Manuscript Number and Quotation

In order to start the self-publishing process, there are a few steps that you, the author, will need to take. Firstly, you will need to Register the manuscript with us. This simply means that you send us information about yourself, contact details and the name of your manuscript you wish to publish so that we can send you a quotation. You will obtain a Manuscript Number. We will use this information about the author and the book throughout the publishing process to identify the “book in progress”. You will receive a Manuscript Number and Quotation via e-mail. So – go ahead and get that quote!


Step 2: Publishing Package Selection

Once you have completed Step 1, you should have received a Manuscript Number and quotation via e-mail and various forms that need to be completed. If you are satisfied with the process so far then you can continue and Register your manuscript, or contact if you need more information. Without your Manuscript number, you will not be able to complete the Submission form.

We have selected the Publishing Package to create your new book!! If you need to have a look at the selections available, please go to Author Assistance.

Step 3: Submission of Manuscript & signed documents

Great!! Now we are ready to get things going!! The forms (mentioned in Step 2) and the online submission forms should have been completed (Quotation & Submission). Now all we need are the Electronic Files, completed forms & payment. In order to prevent delays, please take note of how to deliver the electronic files.

If your electronic files are small enough to e-mail (under 20 MB), then submit to together with your completed documents. (combining all the files in a compressed file (ZIP FILE) would be nice!) : This is a great service where you can upload your files. Very simple to use –

Payment: You should have received a full Quote at this stage for the Publishing Package. If you have requested a cover design, then this will be included.

Please note: The price per printed book will fluctuate according to the number of pages, if colour or B&W & the size of the book. Printing prices will be quoted separately by PRINT ON DEMAND.

Once the Quote has been accepted, then an Invoice will be sent to you via e-mail with banking details. Payments can be made via bank transfer or cash deposit.


Step 4: Review Proofs

This is the semi-final stage of the publishing process!! The book has gone through the design, layout & typesetting stages. Your book is now ready for a complete proofreading by the author. A PDF File will be e-mailed to you, which will be an e-mail friendly version (print version will be too big to e-mail), and you are asked to go through it carefully and make the necessary changes. Please remember that there will be a penalty of R190.00 per hour if the corrections take longer than the designated 1 hour to complete.

These corrections can be sent to us as printed pages with your hand written corrections in red, or e-mail the information as detailed instructions, e.g. Page 3, line 12 – change “smile” to “smiles”, and so on. (Mailing information in Step 3). Contact us if you have any questions at this stage.

Step 5: Congratulations!! Your book is ready for publishing!

This is the final stage of the publishing process! Your book is published – ready for printing. You will have an ISBN number registered (International Standard Book Number) and this information is available from our National Library of South Africa!

We at New Voices Publishing Services wish you GOOD LUCK and GREAT SUCCESS!!

You would have received a printing quotation from Barbara by now, so if you still need one, please email

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  1. Hi. I want a full quote on a setswana poetry book with only 40 poems.

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